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  • Meet Dave

    Meet Dave


    Meet Dave is a 2008 Eddie Murphy comedy.
     On July 11-2008 after work, me and my movie critic friend Tom went to a screening for Meet Dave and we thought the movie was okay at best and was just mindless entertainment. Our anticipation level was low for this movie and it is another average Eddie Murphy flick. Is meet  Dave a misfire and the worst of the worst Eddie Murphy movies or a mindless average Eddie Murphy flick? Pros with…

  • WALL·E



    Today’s review is on Wall-e. Which is a space Pixar animation movie that is critical acclaimed by the public. 
    Is Wall.E a amazing movie about space or a overrated and boring movie from Pixar? My first time experience Wall-e was in a screening with movie critic friends on June 23 2008 after work and we love the movie and thought it was one of Pixar best in a while. Know after quite a bit of rewatches, I still think that…

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  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys


    This film was one of the underrated comedies of 2016 and The screening for me was only 20 people which sucks because people miss the great main Duos In the film. The story and filmmakers of this film is great and the director did a great hardworking job making this movie. My only problem with the film is the villain which was pretty forgettable. Overall a great film and highly recommend watch this funny crime drama and I will give it a A

  • A Bug's Life

    A Bug's Life


    A bugs life is a 1998 Pixar movie about ant population area getting control by the grasshoppers, and a ant named Flik comes to find warriors to save his ants homes for the grasshoppers. Is this film as good as Toy Story is or a good but still disappointing second film to Toy Story and Pixar in general? 

    In November 20 1998, After work, me and a couple of movies critics friends went to the screening of Bugs 🐛 life…