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  • The Man in the Iron Mask

    The Man in the Iron Mask


    These film, I really expect it and at the same time no

    Don't know how to explain these but is really bad in my opinion

    Idk why I put 1 start when don't deserve even 0'5

    Another Leo films that don't deserve his plot...

    What to say more, if u quit Leo from here, the film will be so much bad than really it's bc they're mediocre expect Leo ofc

    These is my opinion maybe u guys have other, respect…

  • Shrek the Musical

    Shrek the Musical


    Just thinking the people that had to pay 😭

    Omg the song tracks, the acting HOW CAN BE SO BAD?!

    The "actors" should find another job or idk but act😐

    If someone say me " Omg how can u say these was funny"
    Yea funny was, but it suppose to enjoy or something

    The voices of the "actors" are so down, idk how to explain it but u mean like these🔉 idk if you're in acting theater u might raise…

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  • Marvin's Room

    Marvin's Room


    Drama films and Leo aren't a good couple 😭

    The beginning is really funny also mixed with the middle 😩

    The worst part of the film are the part that for end of a clip have to put it in black, the scene suddenly put in black... that's bad

    The whole film for me is fine, the time when you are liking and don't want to quit the eyes of screen, that feeling.

    Ofc I saw these for Leo, I…

  • Amadeus



    Let's start with the validation, i wish i can put more validation 😩


    The plans of the camera are really good, I mean the pose like wow❤

    The actors are all so good for me, I'll give all a Oscar, really so good. But if I have to choose one I'll choose the protagonist of the film, bc for me is the most that interpreted so good🤩 like makes the feel more…