Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★½

John Carpenter and Kurt Russell are one of my favorite director /actor teams! Elvis, Plissken, MacReady, Burton talk about great characters and direction. It's a dream team

I didn't make it through this one as I hit the bar for a while after the Fog came home late with my head in a fog and started it and passed out but watched this morning. The idea of New York being turned into a giant prison colony is awesome & makes Jersey not seem as bad. Talk about a cast!! It's literally insane the amount of actor and actress awesomeness jammed into one bad ass mother of an action flick. The music... I could just listen to carpenter soundtracks for days (not to mention Lost Themes& remixes) Carpenter was going crazy in the 80's, churning out very different kinds of flicks, I love that he didn't paint himself in the corner and get type cast as a genre director. Sci-fi, Action, Horror, Drama (Starman was scifi but definitely had a dramatic side) For one decade nearly every year this man would knock one out of the park. Box office may not have always agreed but for 8 outta 10 years this guy delivered some of the of my favorite movies. With the exception of Starman I would have to wait for tv edits but alot of my childhood cinematic tastes still hold true today. Carpenter influenced me to write/direct/compose/take on any other duties that need to be done. My childhood has benefited greatly from his works.

I still like L.A. but there's no topping NY