Caché ★★★★½

While watching, I kept thinking, "it's a great movie" - and I had so many thoughts on the perspective and how it makes you feel about the camera and about the screen and about control and about storytelling and movies and lived experience and dreams but then like 20 minutes after it was over, I discovered that it had almost entirely, besides a few skeletal structural details and ONE image, had almost entirely vanished from my head.

Which, I think, speaks to what is really great about this movie - it is an impossible to grasp skeletal maze, constantly revolving around one single, horrible, powerful image, and gives you just enough perspectives to feel assured that even if you could see EVERYTHING (Aleph-style) you would find there was still never enough to understand (also Aleph-style).

This is not, like, a movie where you walk away with a strong sense of characters or tone or images, or any songs stuck in your head.
This is a movie where you walk away, and all those things have faded in this perfect pattern and it feels like... a breath on a window. The meaning is in the afterglow

Super cool actually now that i've written it out all nice like that had to bump it up half a star