A Fish Called Wanda ★★★★

The fingerprints of classic Ealing comedies and Monty Python are all over this Charles Crichton-directed, John Cleese-scripted farce, about the aftermath of a robbery that becomes very complicated after one of the culprits attempts to the seduce the lawyer who is defending her partner. Though at times it looks a bit like a sitcom, Chrichton handles the physical comedy very well, and Cleese's script is brimming with jokes. The real strong point is the acting; my personal favourite performance came from Michael Palin as the stuttering animal-lover Ken (let's face it - he was always the best Python member anyway), but it's not surprising that the entire principal cast were nominated for BAFTAs (Cleese and Palin won), with Kevin Kline winning an Oscar. Jamie Lee Curtis mustn't be forgotten, however, delivering a performance that arguably outshines those of her male counterparts. There's also a great cameo from a young Stephen Fry.

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