Jon Wanbaton

Jon Wanbaton

I am not a scholar or a critic really, I just like to watch movies and films and cinemas and stuff

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  • Jeepers Creepers 2

    Jeepers Creepers 2


    Honestly the ending is kinda the best part even though it’s crony as fuck.
    Ray Wise is amazing, I love him in just about anything.

  • Walk the Line

    Walk the Line


    And it burns, burns, burns... 
    The ring of fire... the ring of fire...

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  • Joker



    “You wouldn’t get it”
    - Arthur Fleck (Joker)

    Quoting one of my comments to a review of this film: 

    “Look here as one of the people who have “swam in oceans” by seeing films such as taxi driver or king of comedy where this film takes a lot of inspiration from in the writing. It’s still an excellent film for this generation. Despite all the hardcore fans and people can call me a hardcore fan of this film but that’s what…

  • Matilda



    I don’t know how anyone can’t like this. It really is one of the best family films ever put together. It’s so great and doesn’t even feel like a family film at times. Danny DeVito’s direction is amazing and so is Mara Wilson’s acting is so beautiful.