Possessor ★★★

“Cronenbergian” to the max with a good heaping of Inception, Brandon makes the most non-sensical Black Mirror episode ever made (and that’s saying something!). 

Cronenberg takes his father’s penchant for corporations and the upper class controlling individuals and body horror and distorts and shapes it into his own singular (if not derivative) style. The body horror in particular differs from his father’s by adding a perceptual horror in the form of manic hallucinations that call to mind Brakhage and Lynch. These are definitely the most inspired bits compared to the rest of the film which is just a convulted bunch sci-fi mumbo jumbo that feels like its ripping off Sam Esmail who’s already ripping David Fincher. It’s hard to be sure since it is willfully obtuse, but there doesn’t seem to be much “there there” after a certain point. However, this better than the hollow Mandy, Riseborough is hypnotizing as always. I also do respect Cronenberg’s control of mood and his willingness to “really go there”.

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