Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch ★★½

I watched this with my sibs in law. It was free on Hulu, so we threw it on. (By the way...can I just say that compared to Netflix, Hulu has a TERRIBLE selection of films.) Aaaaand I wasn't really impressed at all, and neither were they. I did like the relationship between the two sisters, and of course I found Stitch's character design to be adorable. But everything else, I just found too ridiculous. I get that the movie was going for ET and Iron Giant type charm. But issue this movie had, is that the crazy stuff was always out in public for all to see. Like seriously. If someone doesn't notice the crazy blue dog and think it's odd, at least someone will notice the two obvious aliens, one with four eyes, and one with one eye. Like, come one. Wigs don't hide everything. People are not this stupid! Also the vilains were all annoying and just bogged the film down, maybe except for the shark dude. I liked his character design. So overall, I don't despise this film, but I found very little to like here, and a lot that just frustrated me. Sorry.

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