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  • Cool World

    Cool World


    Holly Would is wayy hotter than Jessica Rabbit. I mean - it’s essentially Kim Basinger 😍

  • Mayerling



    More of a strange (perhaps regrettable) curio for hardcore Hepburn fans as she stars alongside Mel Ferrer in this exceedingly rare TV film adaptation of Mayerling. Supposedly, it was made on the back of the success of the French 1936 feature, which gained popularity in America.

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  • Arizona



    “You don’t blame the guy who sold the idiot the magic beans, you blame the idiot who traded his cow for the magic beans.”

    I came across this underrated gem a few weeks back. When it comes to the numerous collaborations Seth Rogen, James Franco and the gang have cooked up over the years, I’m almost always most entertained by Danny McBride’s presence. And whilst Arizona most certainly features a lot of that trademark humor, it also comes as a…

  • Scalps



    “We’ll keep this coyote with us. I don’t want to kill him yet. Not until the score is settled.”

    Scalps is a rare oddity for sure and one that was guaranteed to get overlooked, and potentially flop. It’s a joint directional effort from two filmmakers best known for their work on horror films, particularly zombie/monster features; so this doesn’t exactly feel like an effort to revive the Spaghetti Western. 

    The plot is set after the Civil War and follows a…