Blindspotting ★★★★

Just a couple impressions about this one:

1. In almost any other movie right now, a police shooting of an unarmed black man would be THE plot. In this, it's just nicely woven into a broader tapestry of what's going on in Collin's life and neighborhood. Brilliant.

2. The constant rhyming and freestyling really fits in a movie about the black experience. This movie is almost like watching a musical. Some of the rhymes are didactic, especially the climactic scene, but it's at least a very original way of laying the philosophical points of the movie in front of you.

3. Those hipster bikes were nonsense.

4. Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs should be in more movies. They're great.

5. Just realized the cover is a version of Rubin's Vase.

6. The scene where Collin is outside Miles' house and Miles' kid comes out and punches Collin in the leg and then Collin gets heated and yells at him to stop with his finger pointed at the kid and the kid's response is "Hands Up. Don't Shoot." Yeah, that's a sad comment on our society if there ever was one.

7. Collin's ex, Val, is a terrible person. Like who says that kind of stuff to another person?

All in all, a very interesting and meaningful film.

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