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  • Notes on a Scandal

    Notes on a Scandal


    A poison dagger of a film. Everyone fires on all cylinders. I do not know who is better Dench, Blanchett, or Philip Glass’ operatic score.

  • Godzilla



    Those destruction sequences are just show stopping. And unlike other genre flicks of its time this movie understands the power of milking tension from a tantalizing mystery. JURASSIC PARK borrows heavily here.

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  • Freaky



    Fuck yes to it all! Vaughn is aces in this ode to everyone’s favorite slashers. I saw some SCREAM, CHILD’S PLAY, FRIDAY THE 13th, and even some subtler nods to HAPPY DEATH DAY. 

    Oh and it’s definitely rated R to the max. Who knew wine bottles were so... versatile.

    Clam Jam.

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Whannell seamlessly updates a 90 year old character for modern day audiences offering a thrilling and topical horror film, with at least four “HOLY SHIT” moments, incredible sound design, all set in a world that is well within the possibilities of today’s technology. 

    It’s a gratifying rollercoaster anchored by Moss’ performance and the best use of empty space since PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

    That’s right. When you go home after seeing this film, you’ll look at every corner twice.

    Egyptian Theater Q&A w/ Leigh Whannell