Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 ★★★★½

I had the pleasure to see this early this morning at 7:30am. I had been to a 7:30am showing before and it was The Last Jedi believe or not. The screening room was very small because of Covid and it was a great atmosphere in the screening. By the way there's no spoilers for WW84 so don't worry. Enough said I had a blast with WW84. The movie takes place 70 years after the first World War and the movie takes place during the cold war and Chris Pine returns as Trever quote and quote Diana's "love interest". I liked the 80's references in this movie with the music and fanny packs😂🤣. Kristen Wiig stoled the show for me she was excellent in this and Patty Jenkins's direction of the movie was superb. Is WW84 the best film of 2020? No but I think it's the best comic book movie of 2020 because there was no MCU movies this year because of Covid-19 however I believe that Disney+ wanted Black Widow released on their streaming service but Marvel Entermaintent said that it was a bad idea because Disney makes more money at the box office with Marvel and Star Wars comparied to their other projects. Like I said I enjoyed and I think everyone in the US is going to like this movie because it is coming on HBO MAXX on Christmas Day so be on the look for that. Overall great movie.

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