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  • Little Women

    Little Women


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    With each passing revisit, the initial infatuation fades and is replaced with a greater fondness and appreciation for just how lovingly crafted this thing is. It's the kind of film that makes you want to retroactively lower your rating for everything else, because it's just that good.

    When rewatching, it’s the little details that stand out strongest. Laurie dancing with all four March sisters on separate occasions. The dreamlike quality of the warm and hazy flashback sequences emphasised by characters…

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I’ve often found it to be the case that it’s more challenging to put into words the films which mean the most to you, but I’m gonna give this a go anyway.

    This is easily Wes at his most visually and narratively ambitious. After all, it’s centered around a caper so grand that he had to create an entire fictional country simply to contain all the elaborate set pieces he had planned. Thankfully, his execution is not at all lackluster,…

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  • Tully



    My current workload has been stomping on my throat and slowly sapping the life force from my body lately, so to have my first full film viewing in over a week be a Jason Reitman which almost made me cry in just over 90 minutes was pretty sweet.

    I loved how the editing was used to reflect the precious nature of the lovely tender moments to be treasured for all time as well as to enhance the frustration of the…

  • The Shawshank Redemption

    The Shawshank Redemption


    “We were the lords of all creation.”

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  • The Apartment

    The Apartment


    I'm hard pressed to call to mind many films with a better understanding of their characters or a stronger sense of pathos than this one. Come to think of it, there aren't many with a more satisfying ending or memorable final line either, my word. It's truly something else, quality-wise.

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    As cliché as it may have become to say so at this point, it's been a tough year, and I cannot deny it. The moment where George first truly begins to lose hope and fall apart was the most painful scene for me to watch this time around. Without getting too personal, I too have come home irritable, frustrated, and overwhelmed, just like he does after Uncle Billy loses the money, more times than I can count or than I'd…