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  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    SAVFF Film #1 

    Definitely a lot to admire here, but overall felt like some wasted/unused potential in my eyes. 

    Campion’s direction is solid, and the immaculate cinematography and the arresting score from Greenwood is insane, but it’s story just felt so hollow for me, and couldn’t fully grasp onto it. 

    Cumberbatch and Plemmons are terrific as always, and Smit-McPhee gives possibly his best work. 
    Kirsten Dunst’s character was pretty much pointless midway through. 

    I do like the technical qualities of this film, and it’s acting deserves all the recognition, but overall I can’t see anything else. 
    It’s just There Will Be Blood lite.

  • Old



    Just horrific and saddening in all the right ways; scaring you into aging, and making all thoughts of possible mental illness seem unnerving and unforgettable. 

    M. Night hasn’t missed yet, and I’m always going to support whatever he makes next. 
    Even if you weren’t a fan of this movie, you can’t deny how twisted it is, and how epic Gioulakis’ cinematography was.

Popular reviews

  • It


    I can't wait to walk into the theater for IT and see a bunch of disrespectful and uncaring teenagers snapchatting, texting, and talking the whole time while screaming and whimpering at every second that Pennywise is on, and me just sitting there wanting to beat the shit out of every single one of them but instead just attempt to ignore them and watch the film. 

    Why does today's teenage generation have to ruin (most of) the theater experience?

  • Dune



    Viewed in IMAX

    Easily the best film I’ve seen in over 4 years. 

    Absolutely beautiful, truly mesmerizing, and intensely cathartic. 
    Dune is everything I wanted and more in modern day (blockbuster) filmmaking. 
    So epic and complex, I’m left at a loss for words! 

    I’ll write more when I eventually see it again tomorrow, but I implore you to go see this in IMAX; it’s a behemoth!