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  • The French Connection


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  • Come and See

    Come and See


    Although I've seen people call this a realistic movie, nothing in it strikes me as real, in the sense of photographic realness that captures an event accurately.

    Seen through the eyes of a 13-14 year old protagonist, with a wandering, moving camera that itself feels like a real participant in the movie (and thus the movie's persuasion is very powerful -- you feel like you are there with everyone), "Come and See" depicts a wartime nightmare of what it feels…

  • Three Colors: Blue

    Three Colors: Blue


    "Blue" is less a formal movie than a visual lyric dedicated to grief. You could say that the main character suffers terrible loss and, as the plot goes, she deals with it. That's it.

    But wait, Kieslowski structured these Three Colors films around the French Revolution's three values, even though he downplayed that, and "Blue" is about liberty. I'm one to think that his movies, whether Three Colors or Decalogue, are in fact profound meditations on their topic.

    How is…

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  • The French Connection

    The French Connection


    A movie so striking to me that I watched it twice in three days. Probably only have done that five or six times in my life.

    Can't give the full five stars, though, because I don't believe donut-eating Popeye Doyle could chase down anybody in a 40-meter sprint, let alone a young male in a 1000-meter haul, all the while dressed in a Santa suit and boots.

    I note the ESP craze, really a feature of a great deal of…

  • Viva Zapata!

    Viva Zapata!


    This movie looks great on paper, but it's not great to watch.

    You've got an Elia Kazan Mexican western starring Brando with Anthony Quinn. This is what I call a high-floor, high-ceiling movie. Meaning that its worst outcome is to be slightly below-average and its best outcome is an all-time classic.

    Unfortunately, in my judgment, it's closer to the former. Part of the problem is that Brando is a bit, errr, stiff. Probably he suffers from the contrast principle, because…

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  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    I knew nothing about "Don't Look Up" except it was a DiCaprio science-fiction movie. Within three minutes, I figured out that Adam McKay is the director.

    His particular style is everywhere, and he has gone deeper into satire here, trying to have fun and excoriate modern American society for not listening to the truths of scientists. DiCaprio plays, quite well based on my experience around such good folks, a nerdy astronomer who discovers that a 5km comet will crash into…

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    It's hard to believe that this fourth Matrix movie could acknowledge its own sequel-ness, and then proceed to be a corporate sequel. The movie openly discusses this problem, even that (as the characters really discuss within the movie) Warner Brothers, representing the evil blue-pilled world of corporate control, would commission a sequel to The Matrix.

    It's up to the red-pillers to fight the Power, but this movie is not red-pilled, even though it uses red pills at least a dozen…