Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★½


Since the first 10 issues or so of DC's re-imagining of Suicide Squad were a few of the bright spots in The New 52, I thought they might not screw this up and everyone would be wrong. Instead, this movie has so much wrong with it that it's hard to even single out the most egregious of them. Unfortunately, this Suicide Squad is neither funny, nor fun. It's also the wrong kind of dark and never remotely as edgy or as 'hard' as it felt like it was trying (very desperately) to be.
I'm really bummed about this, and I'd probably feel better if there was anything, or any couple of things to blame so I could say, 'well, it would've been okay, if only...'. Maybe a director's cut will shed some light on what went wrong? Maybe I can bring myself to sit through this again someday, in any form?

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