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  • Too Late for Tears

    Too Late for Tears


    "If claimed by female notify the police."

    The more Lizabeth Scott's true nature is revealed, the more angular and severe she is, the more attractive she becomes to me. I could very easily be Danny Fuller, ending up face down in a seedy hotel room, dead for a dame who rolls far harder than I ever could.

    Of course it's all ridiculous; the crazy bitches; the sappy dudes; the femme fatale; the late arrival of Don DeFore as Don Blake…

  • Hollywood Boulevard

    Hollywood Boulevard


    Having the distinction of being the cheapest film ever produced by Roger Corman's New World Pictures, I would've rated this much higher if not for the two - count 'em - two attempted gang rapes* on our leading lady in this "tits & ass" exploitation spoof of what it was like to be a New World Pictures movie actress during the "Three Girls With Amazing Racks Go On An Adventure" era of the production company. (Here New World is called Miracle…

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  • People on Sunday

    People on Sunday


    The camera makes movie stars of us all. Clear-eyed, smooth-faced, young - oh so young - we stare into the lens and are etched timeless in light. We are gone now, along with our era, but this one Sunday, our Sunday, lives on forever.

    But, also, the two dudes in this are dicks (of course his name is Wolf) and the chicks are completely uninteresting... with the only likable reoccurring character being the one who spent the day in bed.…

  • The Inland Sea

    The Inland Sea


    Japanese film scholar and impressive wordsmith Donald Richie sure has a lot of opinions about Japan for a white guy.

    Several times, despite being delivered through his stunning prose, the narration here features his casual generalizations about the Japanese people. His repeated mentions of “how they should be”, or his thoughts on who “the REAL Japanese” are, struck me as straight up orientalism.

    So I went and did the reading on Richie, just to see if he was more than…

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  • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

    Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution


    There are at least two sure ways to know you're on the right side of history...

    1. The Black Panthers bring you food during your sit in.
    2. The press gives you a bad ass name like "The Occupying Cripple Liberation Army".

    That powerhouse and political force of nature Judith Heumann wasn't on the stage during the signing of the ADA, after all that she did, and instead it was a bunch of white dudes, is the fucking story of civil rights movements in America.

  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    Max von Sydow was twenty-seven years old when he starred in one of the greatest films ever made. He died today. He was ninety. This is a movie about death.

    My wife found out the lump on her throat was benign today and then I watched this movie for the first time in probably twenty years while waiting for her to come home from work so I could give her a kiss. This is a movie about life.

    Death cheats at chess. Life cheats at death.

    The Max von Sydow project starts now.