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  • Female Trouble

    Female Trouble


    A campy, mean spirited tone poem of inhumanity, debauchery and grotesquery. 

    It’s a trashterpiece that spawned an era of trash cinema. It dons that crown proudly. 

    John Waters was obviously breaking down boundaries to release a film with content like this in the early 70s. Hell - it kind of shocked me even now 40+ years later. He wasn’t just breaking down the boundaries, he was demolishing them with a wrecking ball. And in the process, he was crafting a…

  • Mirror



    Recalling memories isn’t always the easiest thing. We don’t always remember the most specific details in regards to time or location. But they always seem to leave a specific flavor in our mouths, or a specific scent in the air.

    Memories, just like Tarkovsky’s films, are oftentimes meant to be “felt” more than they are meant to be “understood” on a logical level. Tarkovsky took the near impossible feat of conveying the language of memories and created a perfect piece…

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  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    To quote John Waters, who sums this up perfectly:

    “The best sexploitation film of the year has Disney tween starlets hilariously undulating, snorting cocaine, and going to jail in bikinis. What more could a serious filmgoer possibly want?“

    Not much more needs to be said than this. Spring Breakers is my favorite Korine film by far - and my favorite to revisit, partially due to the fact that it was shot in my hometown. 

    Not only is it a scathing commentary on…

  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire


    A little boy went out to play. When he opened his door, he saw the world. As he passed through the doorway, he caused a reflection. Evil was born. Evil was born, and followed the boy.

    Make no mistake, Inland Empire is Lynch’s truest “horror” film. This film gets under my skin more than most.

    It’s like a mosaic that’s been shattered into a million pieces. As you are on your hands and knees scrambling to piece it back together,…