Thunderball ★★★½

Peak Connery Bond. Lots of action? You got it! Beautiful girls? Sexiest in the whole damn series! Exotic locations? The Bahamas, baby! Intrigue? Plenty! Thunderball is ideal 007 entertainment right up to the boat chase finale, where it putters out into silly Benny Hill fast-forward shenanigans. But until then… Thunderball is great fun. Not as classy maybe as Goldfinger, and not quite as large as You Only Live Twice, but positively classic James Bond, super spy entertainment.

On a side note, the harpoon battle is like all-time great Bond action. It lasts forever (Make Action Scenes Long Again), and I’ve never figured out how whatever ancient special effect they use for the spearing works. They actually harpooned people, didn’t they? How else can it look so real?

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