Amélie ★★★★


The story needs to be tighter. It's very loose and a tad unfocused at times. It's longer than it should be because I can think of about three scenes right now that could and should have been cut. 

Other than that, it's a pretty good movie. I really enjoyed the direction of this. It felt Edgar Wright like, the the zoom ins and the whooshes. The cinematography is very dream like the way it's color graded.

The style in which the narrator gets very specific in detail was funny at first but then got repetitive when he kept doing it. This film is very repetitive at times. That's a major weakness for it sadly.

However it's very charming and I don't like using this word but "quirky." It's quirky and stuff with the style and the comedy. Amelie has so many quirks. 

It's good. Good setup and payoff used when Amelie is helping people. However her decision to just start helping people is really just sudden. There should have been a scene where she had the chance to do a small good deed but didn't. Then it led to a horrific disaster. So when she finds the box, now she's motivated to do a good deed out of guilt...I guess.

It's a good movie though overall.

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