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This review may contain spoilers.


The opening scene of this film is visual storytelling at its finest. 

Perfectly introducing this new villain and why the audience should very much so fear him. The film opens with just an endless pile of bodies everywhere. It's clear that just a massacre has happened. Then finally the camera pans up to reveal a giant hulking and shadowy figure standing among the dead. This is Thanos and it's made very clear, only 10 seconds into this film, that he is not messing around. If that wasn't enough, he beats the green crap out of the hulk.

I think the best part about this scene, was when he kills Loki. I love how he ends the life of this fan favorite. He doesn't make him explode or shoot a fireball at him. He just chokes him. Possibly the most brutal yet most simple way you could kill someone. Just showing the raw viciousness that this character can exhibit. I really think Loki's last words sum up Thanos' entire motive:

"You will never be a god."

Which by the way, now just realizing that this is great character development for Loki, himself. Considering all the events from Avengers. Killing everyone is not how you be a god basically is what he learned. Thanos is another great MCU villain to add to the list. He does all these Shakespearean monologues about setting balance and all that. Really though, I think the important thing about him is that he's got an ego the size of the moon he throws at Tony. 

He wants to be a god. He's an absolute self absorbed psychopath that justifies his actions in telling himself he's in the right. Some people may say he's just another villain who wants power but I saw a little more to him. There's some really good development with him and Gamora. He doesn't love her but in his twisted way, he does. Not a pun, but he straight up has a god complex. I think he's just overcompensating for something. 

I'm 10 minutes into this movie...

Honestly, I loved the parallels between Thanos and Tony Stark. When you get to the nitty gritty of it. Iron Man is the definitive Protagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Thanos is the Antagonist of it. The fact that Thanos respects Tony. The fact that they're so similar in their big egos and misguided attempts at helping the world. The fact that both their kids die...sort of. Thanos basically gave Tony PTSD. They even say it in the movies. He's just been this purple tumor on Tony ever since Avengers. 

This movie is absolutely crazy. When it comes down to it, it felt like game of thrones but with superheroes. All these characters you know, all meeting up in different storylines. All doing things that have been set up for, with the MCU, being years now. I don't know how any non Marvel fan can't find any satisfaction in this film. Minus all the payoff, it's just a well made movie. It's at such a break neck pace, maybe sometimes too fast.

The banter and dialogue between these characters finally playing off one another's personalities is just such a joy. There were ones that stood out more than others. Star Lord is great in this. I think Chris Pratt has been miscast in some things before. Magnificent Seven, Jurassic World; however when you cast him in the right role, He nails it. Dave Bautista just gets better and better as Drax. He has such good delivery wether it be funny or serious.

Gamora is given a lot more to do in this. Thor too, is becoming one of the best characters. Captain America was not in it a whole lot which was disappointing. Hopefully he'll have more to do in the next one. Also Tom Holland as Spider-Man...

Man...Tom Holland.

Alright, let's talk about the ending. Death is very important and very vital thing in stories. The death of a character has to mean something. All the characters that die because of the finger snap are pointless deaths. That's the whole point of Thanos. He just killing half the universe at random, it's pointless and dumb. The point is the ones who are left. The point of this is loss.

Tony loses Peter.

Cap loses Bucky.

Rocket loses Groot.

Yeah, These people are coming back. It's hard to think that Marvel bought back Spider-Man for millions of dollars just to kill him by his third movie. So people just criticize that this means nothing cause these people are coming back. It means nothing. It's shallow. Doesn't matter.

And to that I say how dare you?!

Yeah, Spider-Man is not dead. However, Tony's spirit sure is. Even when he comes back, because he's coming back. Having your surrogate son die in your arms while you kneel there powerless is probably not good for your mental state. I'm not ashamed to admit this. Tears. Tears came out when Spider-Man realized he was going to die. The performances from both Downey and Holland. I could not handle that. 

Thanos maybe didn't for sure kill everyone that turned to dust. However he absolutely killed a part of everyone that was left. That's where the emotion comes in. That's where the tragedy lies. So in the end, the original Avengers are all that's left. And they couldn't save the earth...

So now they have to avenge it.

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