Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★


"You are my gift to this handsome HUNKA HUNKA!"

DC, you're killing me, This is the third movie in a row where I just think it's "meh".
Everyone knows that word "meh" it's how I describe this film, "meh", not crap, not great, not good, just......meh. 

The film is all over the place trying to handle all these flashbacks and montages. The first hour of this movie was just a bunch of "montages" with songs that ranged from "Spirit in the Sky" to some Kanye West song and they JUST KEPT CUTTING TO A NEW SONG. Not well paced and dragged on after about the 7th song. The jokes, some fell flat, some landed mainly from Will Smith.

I thought Harley Quinn and DeadShot were Enjoyable likable characters to watch on screen. DeadShot's motive is pretty solid. Harley's is really just whatever. I felt Jai Courtney was somehow trying too hard  but I don't know what he was trying to do. Croc belonged in a cartoon. 

And the rest...meh. But now on to the most anticipated character...The JOKER.....did NOT belong in this movie, the Joker could have been cut from this film because he shouldn't have been in the movie, his first scene, he's just kind of there, no introduction or big reveal he's just...there, it'll make sense when you see the film because he's not handled well. 

Just some random flashbacks and also I didn't even really like the joker in this, every scene he was rubbing someone's face, he was a little goofy and a bit overacting. There were three big action scenes involving the Squad and the first two were kind of identical. The Squad fight the demons, Rick Flagg has to be rescued then they moved on, the scenes never...meant anything they just felt like filler. 

Then the climax....reminded me of the climax from FANT4STIC, giant laser in the sky, Villain wants to "take over the world". it felt very self important, why couldn't it just be something small, they're the suicide squad not Defenders of the Universe. They go on a suicide mission to rescue the Governor from the Joker, I don't know, none of the action was memorable, there was no "Quicksilver Kitchen scene" or "Batman Warehouse scene" or "Daredevil Hallway scene" just...BLEH. 

I do believe that Will Smith fighting Batman was the coolest thing ever. We live in a world where that has happened. Will Smith vs Batman. That. Is. Cool.

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