Burning ★★½

Unpopular opinion...

Maybe it was the fact that I was extremely tired. Maybe I wasn't prepared for this. Maybe it wasn't my type. Maybe maybe. Whatever it was, I just didn't get this film.

As soon as the credits rolled, I rushed to read reviews and opinions because I couldn't understand what everyone saw in this film, and I still don't.

I admit there are some highlights: there is a great dialogue during the beginning at the restaurant, i liked the overall sound editing (actually, the mysterious and eerie atmosphere was well crafted), and yes, I loved the sunset scene as everyone else. But that was pretty much it.

I don't mind long, slow paced movies (on the contrary), but as the minutes turned to hours I felt like this wasn't building anything. For me, the script was too bland and meaningless and I didn't like the acting either (except for Jong-seo Jun, she was good). I didn't find anything new or interesting/innovative about the story, and it wasn't a technical masterpiece either.

Maybe I'll give it a rewatch in the future because I can see why people are calling this a masterpiece and I would like to see that too.

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