Stalker ★★★★★

“You’ll certainly live to be a hundred.”
“Why not forever?”

This bit of dialogue between the Stalker and the Writer is, without a doubt, one of the most haunting bits of spoken word in a film ever. Stalker is the film that killed Andrei Tarkovsky, Mrs. Tarkovsky, and the Writer himself, Anatoli Solonitsyn after being subjected to the toxic environments that the film needed to be shot in. This bit of spoken word seems to hauntingly attach itself to the film’s notoriety and I cannot shake that fact. This is a film where no explanation of its content will do any potential viewer any sort of helpfulness on why everyone needs to watch it. This is a film where boundaries of Cinema are taking to extremes that thematically, literally, and mentality, have broken every viewer when viewing this meditative expression of a world grayed by reality and where color has become the dream. Perhaps, Tarkovsky films the Zone in color to represent the future state of the world; it’s become a gray and desolate place, where limitations are stretched and the world has become a vast and detesting place of isolation and broken dreams. The Zone, filmed in color, represents that world we once knew and desire so much. But, I could be wrong. Stalker isn’t a film. If anything, it’s a vision of a world we may enter, a prophetic desire for the past, but cannot escape the future. If anything is certain, this has become my favorite Tarkovsky and the best film I have watched this year, bar none. This could very well be the greatest film I have ever seen, but only time will tell. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’m rendered speechless. I’m broken.

“I love your eyes, my dear
Their splendid sparkling fire
When suddenly you raise them so
To cast a swift, embracing glance
Like lightning flashing in the sky
But there is a charm that is greater still
When my love’s eyes are lowered
When all is fired by passion’s kiss
And through the downcast lashes
I see the dull flame of desire”- Fyodor Tyutchev

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