Pillow Talk ★★★★

Like many others tonight on LB, celebrating Doris Day’s life and passing, I watched one of her most iconic, Pillow Talk.

I hadn’t seen it before, in fact, I’ve only recently watched Calamity Jane, which was a complete romp, and ‘think’ I might have seen parts of The Glass Bottom Boat on TV when I was a kid. What I remember Doris Day from, when I was growing up, was her prime time TV show that ran 6 seasons from the late ‘60’s to the early ‘70’s. The Doris Day show was really the prototype of The Mary Tyler Moore show. Everyone loved Doris Martin the same way they loved Mary Richards … from afar.

Before the sex comedy had any actual … er … sex .. there was the squeaky clean but full of innuendo affairs like Pillow Talk, where the steamiest scene would be a rather modest passionate kiss. Made in 1959 … the year I was born … Pillow talk has all the politically incorrect baggage of films of their age … with maybe Pillow Talk having a larger dollop … but you can accept it as a film of its age, or reject it. I don’t think this is a blanket yeah or neigh for all films of the time, but rather those on a case by case basis.

If you can get around it’s shortfalls, Pillow talk is completely fun, and has chemistry between Day and Hudson that’s up there with the great classic and modern rom coms. It’s a testament as to how well the two leads work together that they’re not blown off the screen by the scene stealing comedy work of Tony Randall and Thelma Ritter.

I have a hankering to rewatch Down With Love again, as it’s loving homage will come in even sharper focus now.

Godspeed Doris Day.

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