Barry Lyndon ★★★★★

Ended Thanksgiving with this masterpiece.   Watched it with my daughter.  It’s become this movie that I seem, lately, to be revisiting every year of late.  My daughter loved it.  She had no idea what she was about to settle into.  

Like a series of live paintings, vividly brought to life.  Almost like Kubrick bought a time machine (while using futuristic nasa lenses).  And the heart of it all is a man with aspirations of becoming something more, but like today’s reality stars, that is all he is.  Until he gets a son, though even then, it’s almost more the narrator who tells us what a great father Barry is.   The narrator leads and follows the story for us and offers our only link to the innards of these characters.  Again, a masterpiece that is rewarding upon each new watch.