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  • Mori, The Artist's Habitat

    Mori, The Artist's Habitat

    In the last 30 years of his long life, reclusive artist Morikazu Kumagai (1880-1977), aka Mori, almost never left his Ikebukuro home. Instead, he took pleasure in a daily routine of observing the cats, fish, birds and insects living in his luxuriant garden for hours, eventually rendering them into his distinct paintings. Featuring a colorful cast headlined by screen legends Tsutomu Yamazaki (Tampopo) and Kirin Kiki (Still Walking), this delightful, offbeat comedy directed by Shuichi Okita (The Mohican Comes Home)…

  • The Miracles of the Namiya General Store

    The Miracles of the Namiya General Store

    In 2012, three teenage orphans on the run take refuge in an abandoned small town general store late at night. Before long, a letter dated from 1980 in which the writer asks for advice is dropped through the store’s mail slot, providing the boys a mysterious and miraculous connection to the past. Embarking on a myriad of correspondences across time, the trio gradually discover the store’s special history. Adapted from the popular novel by bestselling mystery author Keigo Higashino, The…

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  • Confessions


    On the last day of term, a grieving middle school teacher (Takako Matsu) reveals that two of her students are responsible for the death of her four-year-old daughter, who was found drowned in the school swimming pool. She delivers a planned confession—a death knell detailing her carefully planned vengeance—that leaves the typically raucous classroom reeling and prompts the students’ psychological torment that follows. A dark and stylish odyssey of increasingly disquieting proportions, Nakashima’s lavishly shot, breathless thriller took Japan by…

  • Yoshino's Barber Shop

    Yoshino's Barber Shop

    In a small rural town where everyone knows each other, all boys have the same bowl haircuts known as the “Yoshino Cut,” a local tradition administered by the town’s proud (and sole) barber Mrs. Yoshino (Masako Motai). When a new kid with a cool haircut arrives from Tokyo and refuses to comply, however, four fifth-grader friends find their lives forever changed. A visually inventive debut feature that playfully considers conformity and tradition, director Naoko Ogigami gives special attention to the…