The Matrix Revolutions ★★

The Wachowskis held onto the ball too long and dropped it. Revolutions is the weakest entry in that it neglects to deliver those elements that defined the series up to the standards of the first two movies. The two-pronged final confrontation with the machines consists of a lengthy battle between mechanical creatures and humans in mechanical exo-skeletons that doesn't excite much even though the special effects and score work overtime to make it awe inspiring, and Neo's own journey towards the Matrix's hub, where the final confrontation with Smith feels tired and (by now) repetitive. As you watch, it's all rather serviceable, but once the denouement arrives, the mythos that has been so laboriously built over the last three films baffles by remaining complete and utter nonsense. It potentially sours the whole trilogy, which started out superbly, and then went on a path of diminishing returns.

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