Juan Carlos Hernandez Molina

Juan Carlos Hernandez Molina


Learn to speak cinema and enjoy every scene of the story. Honduran living in Germany who miss to go to the movies and eat pop corn and Soda.

Favorite films

  • Contact
  • Ixcanul
  • Whisper of the Heart
  • Chungking Express

Recent activity

  • Fever Dream


  • The Dark Knight


  • Spencer


  • Prayers for the Stolen


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  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho

    Edgar Wright scripts achieve effectively the storytelling with the visual language and style of the genres and like Simon Pegg trilogy or Scott Pilgrim although with inconsistencies, makes a comedy in that cases and in this one , a drama with high visually choreographed photography and script. Last night in soho topic is the darker one , the male gaze and worst , the trafficking of women that unfortunately is still a serious problem in third world countries and still…

  • Dune



    So much immersed that I didn’t feel the almost three hours, I wanted more. The scale of things on the cinematography, the big ships or the portal on the space or the detail of the spice mixed with the sand  and the intimacy of the story at the core of the big intergalactic saga gives depth to the world that it feels that always been there. Villeneuve gives natural flow to the story in such a great adaptation. I want more Dune.