Captain America: The First Avenger ★★★½

"I don't like bullies" -Captain America,
"Most people seem to forget that the first country the Nazis invaded was their own." -Dr. Erskine,

- MCU Ranked:

Captain America wouldn't put up with all this shit that nazis are up to these days.

I like this film a lot though I'll admit it's pretty slow for a Marvel joint. That said, I find Chris Evans to be charming as Captain America and I really enjoy the origin story. Also, what some people find to be the slow parts are actually the Sebastian Stan/Chris Evans flirting parts and those are the best so I found the "slow" parts interesting. I think that Red Skull is a great villain, in part because Hugo Weaving is so good.

Do it up, I think this might be the best film from Phase I.

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