Cryptozoo ★★★½

"There could be magic here" -Matthew,

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I love a movie with a tarot reading scene.

This is bold, this is different, this is weird..... and I really enjoyed it! The movie is most definitely not for everyone because not everyone is ready for an abstract animated utopian/dystopian fantasy scifi erotic action thriller but I was and I feel blessed now. I like most of the animation and I really enjoyed the second and third act of the film especially. I do wish this film had been even weirder but beggars can't be choosers. The animation is beautiful and unsettling at times.

Lovingly recommended to weirdos.

P.S. The director and his partner are adorable and Michael Cera was very funny and Lake Bell was very charming. My favorite part was when the moderator asked the actors to talk about their work and Lake Bell gives a long and detailed explanation about the hard work she put in and then Michael Cera said "I had a different experience than Lake because I worked one afternoon four years ago."