Serial Experiments Lain ★★★★

"Humans are all alone. They're not connected to anyone at all" -Lain,

Yep, the internet sure is crazy.

Serial Experiments Lain is a chilling (the whole series literally feels cold) examination of the social consequences of lives becoming lived online. How does that change us as individuals? How does that change the structure of society and communication, etc.. It's an interesting thing to see examined for someone my age, who went up through high school before having any meaningful internet access. I regret not being cool enough to have seen this in 1998 when this was a warning about the dangers of your world online but it is interesting to watch in 2020, especially during the pandemic since most of my identity and social life now exists in the online world.

The message is powerful and the story is really great. There are consistent through-lines but each episode has its own distinct contributions making it a really well put together series. Lain is an interesting character for this series because her timid demeanor, especially early on, makes it easy for you to project yourself onto her. The animation is quite enjoyable, with everything feeling cold and isolating so that's the perfect vibe for this story.

Great Watch!

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