The Biggest Little Farm

The Biggest Little Farm ★★½

"You're a good boy Todd" - John Chester (thanks but this is still a weak film)

- 2019 Ranked:

A film with the inspiring message that any damn couple (just based on what to doc showed me) in America can do whatever they want with no experience because eventually a person will give them a lot of money to do it.

John and Molly Chester were simple apartment tomato farmers until they decided they wanted to start a farm in California that grew everything. With no experience they write a business plan and they get given tons of money because that's what life is like for white people in America. They hire an expert to help them and they find out that farming isn't easy and they have some struggles. That's the film.

A documentary documents things and anybody can fucking do that, some with more talent than others. A good or great documentary should provide insight, new documentation, or framing that is new and unique. This does none of that, but does show a bunch of cute animals. There is a show on Animal Planet called Too Cute where they just show groups of puppies or kittens grow up and it's fucking adorable, but its not art and neither is this. The movie is directed and filmed by the self-promoting dude who makes sure to show you that he gives tours at the end of the film. In the end when you leave you kind of get the sense that you know a lot more about farming when you really don't, you just have some farm expert say a couple of things about biodiversity and then the rest of the film is you going awwww to cute animals and going Oh no when animals die, which happens a lot.

John and Molly Chester "rescued" a dog and developed a special love for it that surpassed everything and John Chester tries to make that the wrap around story for his farm. His dog taught him how to farm, mentioned like 3 total times and not explained in any real way. I've adopted dogs and cats my whole life and I love them but I've never tried to present myself as a hero to others for doing so... I just think everyone needs to chill out with the rescue/who rescued who stuff.

So good for the Chesters personally, and I mean that, but there is nothing special about the documentary. This film will mostly just fuel old people's views on young people not having enough gumption. Cute to watch and that's it.

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