The Kid Detective

The Kid Detective ★★★½

"It's difficult to accept the difference between who you are in your head, and who you are in the world" -Abe,

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I love a movie where a punk kid gets slapped.

I enjoy the depressing, reflective nature of film noir and this one avoids 99% of the sexism the genre is known for so bonus points for that. The Kid Detective is kind of film noir meets an episode of Murder She Wrote or Columbo. It's a simple, well constructed mystery with interesting characters and thought-provoking themes. I like that the lead, played well by Adam Brody, is a character that was really successful as a child and slowly became a pathetic monument to his own past. It does a good job of conveying how in youth, so many people think they have everything figured out and are secretly just smarter and more life ready than every adult.... but they really aren't.

I'm a bit surprised, but this is good.

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