We Need to Talk About Kevin ★★★½

"And you have my bow" -Legalos (NIF).

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DAY NINETEEN: A movie with psychotic children

See what happens when you engage in positive parenting techniques you hippies!

In We Need to Talk About Kevin, a woman who doesn't really want children named Eva (Tilda Swinton) and her husband who doesn't know shit about anything Franklin (John C. Reilly) give birth to the evilest kid born since Junior Healy. Through flashbacks and artsy Lynne Ramsay direction we see Eva reflect on the events that lead up to the...

I really like the performance and direction in this film I think I just wanted a little bit more from the script given the gravity of the subject matter. I love all of the stuff in the present day (her finding a new job, people staring, etc.) and the flashbacks are effective although I didn't love the kid who played 6-8 year old Kevin (or maybe I blame the script and/or direction) because it was just so over the top that parts felt silly instead of grounded and creepy.

But yeah, this is great.

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