Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

"Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?"

First review on Letterboxd - let's do this! In recent years I've grown to love good comic book movies. Thank you for that Marvel Studios. But all and all, it doesn't matter one bit where the movies are coming from. The only thing that matters is the quality of the movies.

I know this is a review of Suicide Squad but I'll write a little bit about Zack Snyder. Dawn Of The Dead and 300 were just what I needed at the time. The hyper special 900-hour ultimate directors edition of Watchmen was cool. But that's it. Figuratively speaking, he's been raping my senses ever since. I almost don't consider Man Of Steel and Batman v Superman actual movies because they lack pretty much everything that I consider quality filmmaking.

And now he has his dirty fingers in this pie. David Ayer is a grown-ass man and a seasoned filmmaker but this did not feel like a David Ayer-movie. This felt like Warner Bros. and DC executives trying to figure out what would appeal to 12-year old boys and Zack Snyder playing the part of the 12-year old in this scenario. If that makes any sense. None of the jokes landed. There were laughs in places the filmmakers most definately didn't mean there to be. Will Smith is a movie star. Despite the annoying overacting Margot Robbie is still pretty much perfection. Jared Leto did something. That's it. The whole things had so many holes in it, that it's basically cheese. Fucking pink unicorn covered in rainbow-vomit cheese. I really wanted to like this one but it's now starting to look like the so-called DCEU might have been a failed experiment. Such a shame.

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