• In the Name of the Father

    In the Name of the Father



    Nothing is more enjoyable than the restoration of the truth.

    This physical and psychological relentlessness to silence the truth has caused me a strong emotional involvement. Moments of injustice took me to the guts as much as the restoration of the truth.

    The film sometimes risks certain lengths, but is always overtaken by the phenomenal interpretation of D. D. Lewis. This actor sublimates the (true) story and gives everything he has in this role, making some memorable scenes, such…

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake



    The viewer is A. Garfield. The choice is given to be one of his various facets.

    D. R. Mitchell's film analyzes the mother city of pop culture in a Lynchian and Hitchcockian form, tinged with mystery and riddles.

    The story is about a quest for answers, an intimate motivation that leads to the spotlight of a national conspiracy.

    By being strewn with details from pop culture, which are used here exceptionally for something other than the simple reference, namely…

  • Logan




    Successful testament film of a whole universe 20 years old, it was time I saw it.

    Finally, we are offered the long-awaited claws, the ones that make us bleed. Putting 6 knives in the hands of a rabid beast is finally making its effect, Wolverine has never been so beastly and bloodthirsty.

    This is largely due to the fact that this film completely detaches itself from the light and comic atmosphere of previous films. 'Wolverine: the fight of the…

  • Children of Men

    Children of Men



    A sequence shot to go from calm to storm in a split second.

    This is particularly true of A's film. Cuaron, it is actually these long sequence shots. They stage a large number of extras and serve to immerse the viewer in this anxious chaos. The director puts us in front of the fait accompli that this nightmare rarely leaves time to catch his breath, everything must be done in a hurry. This urgency is almost always filmed on…

  • Last Action Hero

    Last Action Hero



    The kind of operate it is too often underestimated in the depth it can infuse.

    The film's constant subtext brings a new and intelligent look at the world of cinema (the world of 80s action more precisely), but also about the real world and its relationship to cinema.

    This subtext uses humoristic tools to convince, and it works. This world of meta reference and synic parody never falls into ease.

    Wearing by A. Schwarzenegger, these references and this meta…

  • American Gangster

    American Gangster



    R. Scott aesthetically portrays a satirical conception of the American dream.

    The greenish and sticky ambient hue serves this representation away from Manichaeism.

    Its lead actor is full of charisma and constantly alternates between a calm (glacial or assured) and an excess of madness reminiscent of those of the character of Gus Fring in 'Breaking Bad'.

    Despite these undeniable qualities, the rhythm of the narration is hardly captivating. Some scenes find non-essential lengths and some characters are not thorough…

  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear



    At the intersection of 'The night of the hunter' and A. Hitchcock's cinema, there is 'Cape Fear'.

    A hyperactive montage full of unpredictable and aggressive cuts; an ever-moving camera that tracks its characters without ever letting them breathe; B. Hermann's iconic and ubiquitous composition, which serves to characterize the antagonist (to the very end even in the end credits); everything in this film leads to anguish and nervousness.

    The inspiration for the first film cited is based mainly on…

  • The Battle of the Rails

    The Battle of the Rails



    Every work bears witness to his time.

    R. Clément's film is, of course, to be put in its post-war context and of resistancialist myth, but this does not excuse its lack of depth.

    The narrative serves above all for French propaganda, hence the fact that no character distinguishes itself from the others by a potential narrative more intimate. We only film the mass that unites energetically against the villain and ridiculous invader.

    This profound disinterest of the characters leads…

  • Twister




    J. de Bont offered the audience of the time the Hollywood disaster show finally able to be brought to the screen.

    The film gives way to many rereadings carried for example on the theme of passionate love, metaphorical envy of spectacular or horror.

    J. de Bont does very well with the last two themes, always filming the action in motion and offering superb choreographed aerial shots.

    The camera is thus as much in search of grandiose as its subjects,…

  • Following




    A great proof that C. Nolan had, from his first film, this love for the puzzle scenario that does not complete and understands itself until the very end.

    The distortion of time makes the characters ambiguous (except that of the woman who is not deepened).

    These same characters built around the theme, very rich, of duality, served by a black and white offering superb games of shadows.

    This manipulation of the viewer and the editing is captivating and is…

  • Full Metal Jacket

    Full Metal Jacket



    The first act of the film is excellent. It illustrates the horrors of war in a more subtle way than by filming the front directly (in the same spirit as 'Paths of glory').

    S. Kubrick's very methodical and clinical staging, with a slow, fluid camera, is in tune with the military atmosphere that serves as an inhuman context.

    The rest of the story unfortunately attracts less attention, the plunge into the loss of humanity is total and the viewer…

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes



    The usual puppetry of G. Richie goes perfectly with the enigmatic atmosphere surrounding the detective's investigations.

    This alliance is well represented by the B.O. of H. Zimmer, with catchy and mysterious sounds.

    The director's imprint is particularly felt in these superbly well-filmed and rhythmic combat choreographies.

    I am nevertheless not a fan of the basic work (the character, the intrigues etc.), much less in this historical context.


    Le marionnettisme habituel de G. Richie vas parfaitement de paire avec…