Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry ★★★★

While I understand the term applied in the physical sense of this movie, to call Taste of Cherry “minimalist” degrades the entire work of art, in my opinion. There is so much going on under the surface here, unspeakable darkness and intense repression - to the magnitude of which I’ve seen portrayed in only a few other films. This took me back to the deepest, most isolated and painful caverns of my mind and my internal emotional life, but I’m thankfully at a point where I am no longer pulled into them; Instead, I can stand parallel to them, recognize them, respect them as an element of the whole entity of my being, and remember what it was like to be stuck there for so long. 

While Badii’s persistence and desperation are heartbreaking to watch, they are treated tenderly and not in an exploitative manner. His fatalism is neither categorically validated or invalidated, it is just given space to exist in the universe of endless emotional possibilities - not all of them pleasant. 

This is truly something to sit with. Definitely going to take a deeper dive into Kiarostami’s filmography.

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