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This review may contain spoilers.

Neon sign at a restaurant in Los Angeles.
The correct term is
DAS WIENER SCHNITZEL. Hopefully the quality of the Austrian cuisine was better than the German language skills of the restaurant’s owner.

Never before has it been so hard for me to rate a film that does not pretend to be an arthouse movie. After BORE ME TO DEATH (aka THE HATEFUL EIGHT) has met its expectations, Tarantino again demands everything from the audience - above all perseverance and the willingness to get involved with a die-hard storyteller. This time, however, it pays off to follow the plot - although there is no such thing as a plot.

I can’t handle such a contradiction well...

Tarantino is a connoisseur of film history and loves this medium above all else. This can be seen in every single shot. Such a large number of references to classic films of yesteryear were last seen on THE HUDSUCKER PROXY (1994, Coen Brothers). And a director who rightly dares to cite his own work has actually reached Olympus anyway.

The arts departments do an incredible and outstanding work! It does not even occur to the idea that this movie was not shot on location in the year 1969. Again and again you can enjoy individual scenes enormously - such as the appearance of Steven McQueen at the Playboy Mansion party. And in one of the most unnecessary, but loveliest scenes in the movie, Bruce Lee gets one in his face (posthumous, so to speak)...

Anyone who's familiar with one of the most degenerate Californian sects of the late 1960s and the events of August, 1969, will very soon suspect how this film might end. Don’t worry - Tarantino plays with such expectations and he pushes his film a bit in a different direction. And I think when he did that, he had a veeery big smile on his face.

And so it remains an inexplicable phenomenon that at the end a terribly boring, very slow moving and long-winded plot became an excellent and amazing movie. As the title implies, ONCE UPON A TIME IN … HOLLYWOOD is a fairy tale. And the expectations you have of a fairy tale will be totally fulfilled.

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