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  • Almost Famous

    Almost Famous


    Will forever remain in my top 10 films that I've been lucky enough to see in my life. Extremely influential on my writing, and a special experience every time I watch it with someone I love.

  • Kill List

    Kill List

    In 2013 someone handed me this DVD like they were handing me a first printing of the bible. And they were correct in that spirit. This is one of the few indie genre films ever made that is actually frightening in a very real way. Not via jump scares or violence, but just deeply unnerving in a way that very few films achieve. So, so special, it's a very rare experience to get the roller coaster ride of actually being scared by a film.

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  • Sun Don't Shine

    Sun Don't Shine

    Spending a lot of time traveling between film festivals since 2012, this is among my favorite films that I've come across on that road. The coolest thing has been seeing how Seimetz's singular, classy filmmaker voice translated perfectly into TV with the also amazing The Girlfriend Experience. This movie also shows how much can be done with so little when someone has the right amount of experience to direct their first feature, and a control over nuanced tone that any filmmaker can learn from. Highly, highly recommended.