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  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire


    What a vision — holy fucking shit David Lynch. A fog of deliriously genius subconscious.

    After two viewings only a day apart, I’m still completely intoxicated by the effects of this movie. Inland Empire leaves me unsettled somewhere in my mind I can’t readjust. It also feels genuinely emotional, horrifically humorous, and exceptionally unique.

    It’s 3 hour runtime is filled with multiple instances of the movie eating itself, telling it’s audience the eating was a magic trick, and throwing the skeletal…

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    An idiosyncratic, enigmatic, melodramatic, heartbreaking, insightful, droll dreamland, deeply influenced by noir, classic Hollywood tropes, and surrealism.

    On my third watch, Mulholland Drive hasn’t lost any of it’s mysterious charisma — it remains a well-paced, consistently entertaining watch, and continues to reveal different layers upon every viewing. I’m not sure how Lynch would’ve played out the TV show, but what he did with the pilot episode he had and how he expanded it to fill just a feature film is certainly…

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  • Pool Sharks

    Pool Sharks


    A surprisingly amusing 10 minutes! Pool Sharks proves to be an effectively fun slapstick short about men being buffoons, as usual.

  • The Naked Spur

    The Naked Spur


    A thrilling and entertaining Western by director Anthony Mann! Jimmy Stewart shines as always, and Janet Leigh is also excellent! The rest of the cast is rounded out by strong performances as well.

    Framed with eye-popping Technicolor cinematography, a fast pace, and an interesting script, The Naked Spur succeeds as a fun and tense romp through rocks, rivers, and ravines.

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  • Personal Problems

    Personal Problems


    Hmmmmmmmmmm. How special a movie. This feels like an important missing link in cinema — new possibilities are opened up in this space of creating that I don’t think are tapped into often enough. Possibilities for moving the medium forward and experimenting. Possibilities to more precisely, and somehow more abstractly, understand one another in this strange world.

    The first half melts together into a psychedelic VHS tape Impressionist painting of Black life in NYC, and the second half mellows out…

  • The Grateful Dead Movie

    The Grateful Dead Movie


    If you didn’t watch this dosed, did you really experience it?

    Okay, okay, I know psychedelics aren’t for everyone, and neither are the Dead, but this was one of the best times I’ve had in my living room in a while, dancing around, puffing a joint, and flying high. Jerry, Bobby, Phil, Billy, Keith, and Donna all have excellent stage presence and knock it outta the park musically.

    Colorful, saturated cinematography, lovely editing (by Garcia himself), warm sound quality, interesting and…