Rear Window

Rear Window ★★★★½

Alfred Hitchcock is considered by most to be the master of suspense. I believe he was also a master of understanding human nature. He intuitively understood that human beings are voyeurs by nature. It's extraordinary for me that at times "Rear Window" seems way ahead of its time. Camera work is great and pioneering and holds up to even today's standards. The sets desgin works perfectly with the story shown with in the film.

Hitchcock used this movie to make us understand that peeping is universal in everyone's heart. However, excessive peeping goes beyond the boundaries of morality and even law. From this perspective, the restraint of civilization has caused the depression of humanity to a certain extent. We need to comply with both constraints and instincts, and there is a certain conflict between the two. As an external window, it also plays a media role for the observer to observe the inner heart of the person. Interestingly, the observer's peeping behavior is also a manifestation of human nature.

I absolutely love movies with such a deep meaning behind it and I am sure that „Rear Window“ will become an alltime favourite for me in the future. For me personally „Psycho“ did a little bit more, but this is still a treat and a flawless film. Can‘t wait to watch even more Hitchcock movies and fall in love with them as well!