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  • Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now


    Seeing Coppola direct Viet Nam is something that I never would have thought to ask for, but it's something that I'm so glad exists. His Viet Nam is almost sentient, living, breathing, and filled with detail. It's a character within itself.
    Around every corner in this world there is a story to be told. Each character, no matter how small their role is, feels as if they could be their own lead in their own film. Nothing written here feels…

  • Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles

    Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles


    I don't think the rest of this review would make sense if I didn't first establish that I have an irrational fear of contentment. I know it's illogical, and I know it's probably just derivative of my greater fear of emotional maturity, but that doesn't diminish its impact on me. It's just that my flaws, fears, phobias, and assorted mental issues are such a fundamental part of my being at this point I can't imagine myself without them.
    They are…

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  • The Amazonian Angel

    The Amazonian Angel


    Simply not for me. There's no denying its artistic integrity, but I feel it would be better off as a series of paintings as opposed to a feature film. However, it is, and I will judge it as such.
    I feel like the visuals are stunning. It's very hyper-edited and all of the visuals have at least 4 filters on them, but I'm here for it. It gives me nostalgia for when I first got a computer and discovered paint.net/hitfilms.…

  • The Circle

    The Circle


    This is a film that I see get considerably too much hate. Yeah, it's really not good, but it's not bad either.
    I enjoyed the first few minutes before the film goes full in-your-face in its messaging and instead just established The Circle as a corporate entity. I think the film's main flaw is that it presents the company as a villain or something when really they are just another cog in the greater issue.
    No idea why the film…

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  • Rififi



    Starts off very strong, laying the foundation for a great heist film. An underground-renowned thief gets on parole, meets with a cast of charismatic characters, and begins planning his next detailed and meticulous robbery plot.
    The build-up to the heist scene established everything perfectly. The characters not only talk about how hard a bank this would be to rip off, but also the film showcases the impeccability of the bank's security system and the cast's failed attempts to thwart it.…

  • Wonder



    Fundamentally flawed on every level, but it excels where it can. Half of the film is exposition and the other half is sentimentality.
    The trouble with adapting a book like this (that's so chapter-by-chapter) is that you need a ton of exposition. Because every few minutes a new character has to be introduced. Probably would have been much better off as a miniseries, with a new focus every episode.
    And, as much as I appreciate the film's messages, I can't…