Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One ★★★½

Honestly now I just can't wait for the second half. So glad I got the disc version of this: I'll need to be watching them again back-to-back.
This film is so refreshing honestly. I'm so glad to be thrown back into Gotham City, after so many DC missteps recently I missed this. The narrative picks up immediately, wasting only the minimum amount of time on exposition (the film assumes you know the characters and their motivations by now, something nice for someone like me who has seen 30-something Batman films at this point). No line of dialogue here is wasted, not a single frame redundant.
I love how the film so perfectly understands Bruce and Selena's relationship, Bruce and Alfred's dynamic, the role Batman plays as a detective, and so many other things from the comics that are so often poorly displayed on the screen. I love how the film just casually acknowledges the facts of Jim Gordon's troubled home life, and Bruce's father's corrupt actions. I love how the film just brings in lesser-known characters such as Callender Man and Solomon Grundy into the narrative, just for fun. It's like a film made by fans, for fans.
And not to mention the style! The film is so inspired, whether it be the amazing opening credits sequence, stunningly unique animation style (it's like Kimetsu no Yaiba meets Telltale Games, it's wonderful!), or perfectly ambient music and sound effects. After so many of these films that just seem lazily cobbled together, and then hurriedly churned out, it's a real breath of fresh air.
My only complaints would be that some of the voice-acting is over the top, but Jensen Ackles and Troy Baker alone make up for this. The dialogue can be a bit too blunt sometimes as well, I understand they are trying to get exposition out of the way as soon as possible, but surely there could have been better ways to do it.
Either way, this was absolutely fantastic. Exhilarating, engaging, and most of all fun the entire runtime. The story's little twists and mysteries really hook you off the bat, can't wait for more of it!

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