The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★

This was actually really good! I'm always happy to join "hype trains" for modern animation and this time it certainly paid off.
The film can seem a bit simple at times, and maybe even cringe-worthy as well. However, I think this is what gives the film its charm. It feels rough, random, awkward, and everything else that comes with family.
And as for the simplicity: yeah, I can kind of see this complaint. Everything plays out about how you would expect with the family learning to appreciate each other and all of that, but it feels surprisingly intelligent as compared to a lot of these kinds of films. Things don't wrap up with the characters all being understanding or extremely happy, instead, they simply learn to at least try and be there for each other. And most of the time, trying is enough. It's all you can do.
Though I will admit the actual plot seems very formulaic. The characters get through all of the struggles by sequences of last-minute conveniences, and then right as they are about to beat the bad guy something goes wrong that they need to add fifteen more minutes to the runtime to fix. I'm not one to be unable to suspend disbelief, but I would have preferred these things be a bit more planned out within the plot. Most of the time the end solutions come out of nowhere.
Though I do find the film really funny, wholesome, positive, and endearing. Plus, it's wonderfully animated as well! Everything is so stylish and moves so seamlessly. I really couldn't ask for much more.

(The Last of Us has been the spark of my interest in "end of the world" fiction, and as much as I love this film, Ellie Williams will always be my favorite post-apocalyptic redhead teenager)

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