Oz the Great and Powerful ★★★

The Good: Oz's lovable sidekicks -- the adorable porcelain doll, China Girl (voiced by Joey King) and his loyal flying monkey bellhop, Finley (voiced by Zach Braff). The world of Oz is colorful, dazzling, and magical. Costume and set designs are gorgeous. Well-composed cinematography by Peter Deming (Evil Dead IIMulholland Dr.).

The Bad: Mila Kunis is downright atrocious as the Wicked Witch. (James Franco also feels miscast at first, but he settles into his role nicely.) The relationship between Theodora and Oz is not fleshed out. Movie is overlong and stumbles between the second act and the final act. It also has some cheesy moments and shaky dialogue.

The Bottom Line: Raimi's Oz is neither great nor powerful, but what it is is an entertaining family film with plenty of eye candy and just the right amount of charm.

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