• Panic


    not bad, 'le corbeau' is way better tho

  • Only Angels Have Wings

    Only Angels Have Wings

    jean arthur is really annoying in this jesus

  • Diabolique


    an A+++ film but this would've been a lot more chaotic if both women were Venezuelan, not just one

  • Saving Zoë

    Saving Zoë

    [SPOILER] but she could've brought a tiny screw to pull out the harddrive and if she had extra time and access, maybe check if the file was on a cloud as well (unlikely)

  • Chimpanzee


    these types of films stress me out. idk if someone can elucidate on how they are made, but how does an entire film crew see these chimps in distress and no one interferes to help them? is it bc it would interrupt the ecosystem and it's actually unethical? this is smthg i would really like to know and not a rhetorical question. i'm not "indignant"--just curious. i mean aside from how the weird anthropomorphising ~drama is exploitative, i find these kinds of animal docs unwatchable bc i always wonder that.

  • Liliom


    I always go back to this film bc although it’s a disappointment, I really enjoy Charles Boyer’s acting and I honestly believe this is his best film acting-wise.

    Boyer is usually seen as being always cast as the ~smooth, suave continental playboy~ for the white American housewife (which is really a fantasy portrayal of French masculinity), but his characters in European movies are so varied and I feel he was allowed so much range whenever he worked w/European directors.


  • Bryan Ferry -The Bete Noire Tour

    Bryan Ferry -The Bete Noire Tour


    This is honestly beautifully shot--i can't believe anything could make champs élysées look glamorous. bryan ferry's aesthetics were pretty tight around this era too (i mean they always are, as with all libras that are scorpio rising, but i really like this album's #mood). the music itself from bête noire was acc. to him perfectible but i think it's a pretty underrated album (would've been great to see him duet w/viktor lazlo, the french singer, not the casablanca character!). a must-watch for ferry/roxy fans

  • Daisies



    "we heart it" : the movie

  • Ruggles of Red Gap

    Ruggles of Red Gap

    Comedies of manners usually have an understanding of class as merely a set of behavioural codes and while that can be entertaining, I feel this movie goes a little bit beyond that.

    The first half of the movie has you thinking the joke is only on the American “nouveau riche”—we see the Flouds through Ruggles’ eyes in Paris. The problem of course is that mocking the pretensions to “class” of the nouveau riche or to “culture” of Americans, usually implies…

  • Irreversible



    I’m going to keep this review short.
    I rewatched this recently and it made me physically ill (and that’s a good thing)—I felt like fainting and my blood pressure dropped. I had to pause the movie and continue it hours later—however, a decade later and this soundtrack is still inventive, banging, formally efficient, &c. The colour of this film still feels fresh too—a Parisian underworld drained in blood &c &c. Honestly, 15 minutes in and this film has so much…