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  • We Are Your Friends

    We Are Your Friends

    the cool thing about movies is the power to teach you about people & things you don’t know about
    But DJ-ing in the twenty teens is so ridiculous that you can’t make me take it seriously, not even with 100 Big Short style infographics 

    pcp rotoscope scene was good tho 
    Also emrata...

  • Away We Go

    Away We Go

    Sam should’ve given this the 1917 treatment... 

    for real first time I’ve seen this movie since squirming through it with my parents in theaters

    maya is so so good (& Maggie & Alison & Melanie) and I loved the costuming & locations deeply

    feels like it was written by two novelists bc it was lol but yes I was crying at the end — home is where we need to be, never where we think it should be 🌿

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  • Tampopo


    I’m gonna say something wild: this might be a new top 10 favorite movie of mine
    It’s everything I love about movies that have sketches in them, the color is perfect, the works is zany, and the food!!! I loved all the subplots & I think this would get better and better each watch
    So glad I watched this
    & what a funny sex scene with the egg yolk — truly 10/10

  • Lovers Rock

    Lovers Rock

    silly games on every post-pandemic party playlist