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  • Cuties



    Please watch the film first before you form an opinion. I've read a lot of great reviews that sum up my thoughts (see below). Ultimately, it's a powerful film criticizing the exact issues it's being vilified for. Maïmouna Doucouré is extremely talented and evokes a lot of magical realism/symbolism in small moments that for the lead character are monumental, i.e. having your first period, discovering your father is taking a 2nd wife. THESE are the moments that form her behavior…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    Just a bunch of intellectual references and overly long, uninteresting conversations. Also, Jessie Buckley's character SHAT all over A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE (via Pauline Kael), which was my initial breaking point. Then the choreographed dance routine ... no. I mean, I understand why, but no. I was waiting for it to really mean something and make an impact on me, but it never did. Jessie Buckley's performance was solid but the other Jesse's performance (Plemons) was decidedly lackluster and…

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  • Genesis



    Being young hurts. The first two-thirds of the narrative is brilliant, and then the filmmaker truncates the story and starts a new one ... Odd decision and definitely hurts the movie. Would’ve been much stronger sticking to the original characters, but nonetheless a beautiful mediation on young love and the struggle to voice your feelings. Also has an amazing soundtrack!

  • Gook



    Mega 'La Haine' / 'Do the Right Thing' vibes