Belly ★★★★

Mostly incomprehensible, plot wise - though that could partially be because I could not understand the Jamaican accents at all - but that doesn't matter that much. Hype Williams has a classic crime story of two friends on different paths: one trying to go straight, one going deeper into the ... titular anatomical item of the beast. And it's all there visually, an underground burned up in blackness, the only things that break through the light being gunfire and porcelain. Absolutely bizarre hyper-stylised anti-reality crashing face first into normal reality, where leather-clad ninjas break into your mansion at night and white culture is represented primarily by Gummo on the TV. The world moves forward, and it's hard to tell whether the angry or the forgiving will survive. Nas and DMX are cast purely by symbolic type, which makes it a shame that Nas can't act. DMX, though, is incredible, his bark and swagger louder than the world until they suddenly aren't.

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